Sunday 4 October 2020

24 Hour Blogathon - The End

This is the end.

It is now 9.15am on Sunday.

I started this challenge at 6.15am on Saturday running 10 miles in a time of 1 hour 30 minutes. It was surprisingly OK – the wet weather helped keep me cool although by the end I was absolutely saturated and my running shoes are still soaked now.

Then after a break I sat down and began to blog. The first few hours were easy – I quickly put together a list of tracks I wanted to post and a couple of other articles about mental health and running, as the challenge was related to both of those.

However, as the day went on and into evening the blog became hard work. I ran out of things to write about. My body began to tire from lack of sleep and the run. And staring at the screen for most of the day caused my vision to blur and give me a headache. Over the course of the 24 hours I also lost WiFi 3 times. So I wrote less posts than I hoped. But at least I managed to go through the 24 hours.

But if a challenge didn’t involve some form of pain, there wouldn’t be any gain. And I’m very pleased to confirm that at the current time I have raised £745 for Solent Mind. My original target was £150 and even when I hit that early on I never expected to get above £300.

Before I sign off I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated, offered words of support or spread the message about what I was doing using social media. It’s been wonderful to see everyone being positive in a year that hasn’t had much to cheer about.

If you haven’t donated and fancy doing so now I’ve finished the challenge, just click here.

The blog will now go back to being dormant except for an end of month playlist each month.

I really hope I don't have to do this again and that next year we can put on Dials Festival and raise even more money for Solent Mind that way. 

That's all folks. Over and out. I'll leave you with the band that would have headlined this years Dials Festival and got the room dancing like loons.

Robin @ Breaking More Waves

International Teachers Of Pop - I Stole Yer Plimsoles

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