Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Music: Zuzu - What You Want (Video)

Some components of a rollickingly good indie rock song:

1. An intro that includes some good solid drums and a slithery guitar riff.

2. Some ‘Ooh-ooh’ hooks and harmonies underlain by spiked lemon sherbert guitars that fizz and buzz with a caustic energy.

3. The ability to burst out of the speakers as if school's out 4-eva.

4. Attitude and lyrics about loving you carelessly.

5. A lead singer that wears glasses. Not sunglasses – that’s for rock stars. Indie kids rule by keeping it nerdy. 

Thankfully Zuzu has all of this and more. I therefore declare What You Want rather bloody marvellous. 

Anyone disagreeing - I’ll see you outside.

Zuzu - What You Want (Video)

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