Monday 30 January 2017

New Music: Holly Macve - Heartbreak Blues

Judging by the occasional comment I get on the blog I know that a few of my regular readers really dislike it, no I’d go further and say really HATE it, when I post songs by artists performing country music. As yet that level of hate hasn’t motivated anyone to start an online petition requesting the government to debate its possible removal from the blog, but still, the hate is real. So for those of you who get angry about such things, please take this as A COUNTRY MUSIC WARNING.

For the rest of you, here’s the latest from Holly Macve, taken from her album Golden Eagle released March 3rd. With all the right country twangs and slides, this dejected beauty has all the trademarks of something emanating from the southern states of the USA, even if the reality is that Holly is from the UK. Grab a slice of her Heartbreak Blues, which topically mentions building walls, although I suspect they’re very different from the one that Trump wants to make.

Holly Macve - Heartbreak Blues

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