Thursday 12 January 2017

New Music: Laura Marling - Wild Fire

It’s inevitable that any artist that creates a sustained body of work is going to produce songs or albums that sometimes find less favour with fans than other records. I’m sure even the most hardened David Bowie admirer would agree that he produced a few duffers and whilst the phrase purple patch probably has more meaning than normal for Prince, there are some of his records that those who love his music are less keen on. So it is with Laura Marling who, if I’m honest, I fell out of love with on her last record Short Movie. However, this is all part of being a fan. Sometimes you have to endure the lows to really appreciate the highs and when Marling returned with the gorgeous and spellbinding Soothing, complete with one of her most perfect vocal performances and seductive jazzy bassline I was on that high. 

Now with news that Marling is due to release a new album this March, her sixth record in nine years, there’s a second single. Wild Fire keeps everything simple allowing the song to ooze through into your consciousness with elements of folk, gospel and country all in the mix. It is rather lovely and together with Soothing now makes the arrival of Semper Femina, the album, an enticing prospect.

Now - all I want to know is what people do with these lyric videos? Do you all sit there doing 'Laura Marling Karaoke?'

Laura Marling - Wild Fire (Lyric Video)

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