Sunday 8 January 2017

New Music: Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White - Sunday Morning

Back in ‘ye olden days’ when music was only released in physical forms and the idea of making money from people playing your songs multiple times wasn’t really a thing, January was always a very quiet month for new releases. But one week into 2017 and we’ve already had new single releases from Ed Sheeran and London Grammar and the album schedule looks particularly encouraging. Brian Eno has already given us his 1 track (he’s not going to earn much from Spotify on that is he?) ambient beauty Reflections and this month will also see long players from The XX, Rose Elinor Dougall and a rather fascinating covers album from Virginia’s Matthew E White and British singer-songwriter Flo Morrissey. 

Gentlewoman, Ruby Man pulls together an eclectic bunch of covers that seem, on face value, poorly suited to sit together on one album, with the likes of the Bee Gees Grease, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Heaven Can Wait and a Frank Ocean number sitting side by side. It looks like a rather fascinating project and early indications from the songs shared from the record so far are that it will actually be a consistent body of work.

This week, in a final push for the album (which is released next week) Flo Mat (which is how I think they should have named this project) have released their version of the Velvet Underground’s Sunday Morning, which for the sake of being blindingly obvious, I thought I’d post today. Morrissey might be known for producing deeply woozy and meandering soft-pop and therefore this song on face value would seem an obvious choice – but the results are surprising – with the pair delivering a rather uptempo bar room brawl rock ‘n’ roll take on the tune. Good work Flo Mat.

Flo Morrissey and Mathew E. White - Sunday Morning

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