Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Music: Introducing - Mayfair

I’m on very familiar territory here, insofar as you probably don’t have to look very far back through Breaking More Waves to find some spaciously lush electronic pop music. But don’t bother looking back, let’s look forward and enjoy Lights. It's the debut outing from Mayfair who follow in the footsteps of Lorde, Broods etc out of New Zealand. 

Mayfair consists of Izzy Clarke, Sarah Hull, Alex Johnson, Nick France and Tarn PK. What’s fascinating about them is that despite, as far as I can tell, being a fully homegrown DIY project, they’re already making superbly refined pop music. This isn’t all just some clever studio effort though, their You Tube page shows them playing some covers live at home, and they’re very competent as well.

Lights, written and sung by Izzy and Sarah from the band and produced by Tarn drips with crystalline class and elegance. I’m surprised it isn’t already all over the blogosphere - it's that kind of tune. A synthy kiss.

Mayfair - Lights

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