Monday 30 January 2017

New Music: Introducing : Diving Station

Diving Station are Anna, Sean, George and Barnabas from Manchester and those of you with a good ear and memory might just remember Anna from a past lost battle and an old blog post on Breaking More Waves. She has the sort of voice that is just immediately endearing; an enchanting thing that delicately magnetises, binding together the concoction of harp and sprawling guitars that make up the Diving Station sound.

Across six tracks on their debut EP, they lovingly create the sort of music that is likely to find favour with those who like to take the map, toss it out of the window and let the songs go on their own journey. At worst this can conjure up images of yawnsomely boring improvised jam sessions, but thankfully there’s still plenty of structure in the songs. 

They’re very old fashioned sounding; elements of their music wouldn’t be out of place on a 1970’s prog rock or folk record, but they also reference Radiohead and Bon Iver, so there’s a sense of modern contemporary experimental thought there as well; although there’s no nod towards electronic music – this is all very organic sounding. In fact, Diving Station have a near back to nature quality about them, with opening instrumental title track Alice featuring the gentle burbling of a stream alongside the harp picking. 

From the EP, I’m streaming Plastic People, a song that goes from tiny beautiful beginnings to something that dares to wig out a little and then some more. Can someone get this band to play a gig on the south coast please? I want to see this live.

You can buy their EP by clicking here.

Diving Station - Plastic People

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Fab band