Tuesday 3 January 2017

New Music: Desperate Journalist - Resolution

Dark dizzying power chords not dissimilar to something you might find on an early Editors record plus a determined vocal that cuts somewhere close to Sonya Aurora Maden from Echobelly provide the backdrop to this fine new single from London based indie rock band Desperate Journalist. It’s a song that comes from a disengaged perspective but sounds anything but that - for Resolution is injected with a fieriness and urgency that grabs you immediately. In fact it does more than just grab, it boldly punches till the final countdown.

The band are playing a variety of selected dates over the next few months, starting at The Hairy Dog in Derby – a venue I really want to visit just because of that name. A new album called Grow Up is scheduled for release on the 24th March 2017 and there's a big show at the Scala in London on the 6th April.

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