Monday 8 September 2014

White Fever - New Waves

If you’re a fan of soaring musical landscapes created from chiming jangly indie guitars, iced off with a layer of sweet female vocal, then you’ll probably be giving a little bit of your heart to White Fever. (Even if that heart is only a click on their song on Hype Machine). We’d position the band somewhere between flirting with the fragile beauty of The Sundays (probably the one band we’d kill for to reform and play live) and the more visceral soundscapes of a band like The Joy Formidable when they ramp up the noise. There’s some broad strokes of brilliance in amongst their tune Skeleton Disease, a song that will sweep you up and deposit you on a cloud, utterly lost. Pick from words such as dreamy, cinematic, brilliant, bewitching, enchanting, romantic and orgasmic. Alternatively just use them all.

It’s early days for this Anglo-Scandinavian band, who according to Just Music That I Like (who was very early in writing about them) formed from the ashes of We Walk On Ice, but a debut EP is currently being recorded and mixed plus the quartet have a number of forthcoming live dates in London.

White Fever - Skeleton Disease


Ali said...

Love these guys!

MJ said...

Very nice...