Monday 8 September 2014

Magic Man - Texas (Video)

We’re not quite sure why but:

1. We’ve never featured Boston MA's Magic Man on Breaking More Waves before.

2. They’ve never played a UK (our home country) show either.

3. They’ve not officially released anything in the UK. (The debate about bands releasing singles and albums in different territories in the age of the internet is an awkward one, one where the words 'prevention of piracy' become even less stable)

Thankfully 1, 2 and 3 are about to be resolved in the following ways:

4. This post kicks things off.

5. If you’re in London and not busy on the 1st October put a note in your diary to nip down to Notting Hill Arts Club where they’ll be playing their first show in this country. Apparently they are exceedingly good live. If you go, do let us know if this is true.

6. They’re about to release a new / old single Texas on 20th October via Epic. It’s already on Spotify in the UK and has been on the web and in other countries since 2013, but this video is a new one. It’s taken from their album Before The Waves (sounds like a prequel to this blog) which will probably see the light of day in this country in 2015.

7. Texas opens with the following words: “You are about to embark on the most wonderful experience of your life,” and whilst we probably wouldn’t go quite that far, the song very quickly explodes into a riotous explosion of hooky synths, guitars and drums that will (like the video) have you bouncing around your bedroom in no time at all. 

Magic Man - Texas (Video)

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