Tuesday 30 September 2014

Flyte - Light Me Up

One of our Ones to Watch for 2014 Flyte return with Light Me Up a tune that continues a string of songs that pop the musical happy pills into the body, even if the chorus alludes to the fact that Flyte aren’t always as perky as their music sounds. “I’m dying out and I need you to light me up,” sings lead singer Will, calling out for someone to make him feel alive again, something that love can undoubtedly do. However, if you’re feeling a bit blue and don’t have anyone to take you to that better place, try this song; it’s nearly as good a tonic.

Light Me Up will be released on the 17th November through Turned Out Nice / Island Records. The band are out on the road later this month, catch them if you can, (dates here) for here’s a group who do all those traditional things like write good songs and then play them well. Whilst occasionally it’s good to have a life changing experience at a gig, most of the time all most of us want are for a band to put a smile on our face before we catch the bus home afterwards and Flyte undoubtedly have the skills to do that.

Flyte - Light Me Up

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Chris said...

Flyte are indeed touring later in the month on the DIY Presents tour, but, actually their dates carry on into early November (after the DIY tour) to cover a bit more of the country, including the lovely Railway in Winchester. Dates here;