Thursday 25 September 2014

Rae Morris - Up Again

Whilst Rae Morris has been embracing all sorts of multi-facetted instrumentation on her recent releases, Up Again (mainly) strips things back to her voice, keys and an exquisite song that finds Rae getting over “the curse of love” and looking towards the future after she’s found the “answers to the questions that are keeping me down.”

“Take my life and start it somewhere else,” she sings as the piano tones mirror the desire to move onwards, gradually growing in strength, striding forward for a new life, leaving you feeling just a little bit emotional and overcome by it all at the end. Lovely.

Up Again is taken from the Closer EP. Rae is off on a huge tour with George Ezra next month - if you're going, make sure you get there early to see her.

Rae Morris - Up Again

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