Thursday 25 September 2014

Josef Salvat - Open Season

Whilst enjoying Josef Salvat’s set in the Unitarian Church at Brighton’s Great Escape festival in 2013 we tweeted something along the lines of “Josef Salvat for the BBC Sound of 2014 list then?” That suggestion didn’t happen. He didn’t even appear on our own Ones To Watch list. The reason? Because everything seemed to go very quiet for Josef as the year came to a close. This meant one of two things, he’d either disappeared into that dark hole that musicians sometimes go, never to be heard of again (we’re wondering if a couple of our other tips from last year, namely Mononoke and Eva Stone have jumped in there as well) or that after a clutch of taster tracks and relatively low key gigs he’d disappeared off under the wings of a record label to write and record a whole album. 

It seems that it’s the second of these two routes that Salvat has been pursuing, because there’s been a flurry of activity recently. First came the throbbing Shoot and Run and then during the time we’ve been enjoying a holiday a second track Open Season (streaming below) has made a big impression. Warning: Severely big chorus alert. The verses aren’t bad either. 

So let’s make a case for Josef Salvat on the Sound of 2015 list shall we? Or if not that certainly Breaking More Waves Ones To Watch 2015 list. There’s a sneak preview for you.

You can hear the whole of Salvat’s debut In Your Prime EP using this link here. It’s very good and we think what Hurts should have done for album 2 rather than trying to be Muse-lite.

Josef Salvat - Open Season

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Chris said...

Not often you hear the word "arbitrary" used in lyrics!