Friday 26 September 2014

Brooke Bentham - New Waves

Sometimes it can take a little while for all of our new music filters to align properly, but with two UK music blogs that both know their stuff (hats off to Crack In The Road and Just Music That I Like) both posting about South Shields’ singer songwriter Brooke Bentham (who now lives in London) it was time that we sat down and pressed play. We’re glad we did. With just a guitar, keys and a warm country tinged voice Brooke’s We’ll Be Ghosts is a tender song that marks the end of summer and with it a relationship; but there’s still some hope as Brooke sings of the chance to rekindle the love . “Can’t let go of what we had, let’s not fight, just make it right,” she coos and we wonder if this is what First Aid Kit would sound like if one of the two sisters went solo. 

Over on Brooke's Soundcloud there’s a two more songs, which include a decent version of Dylan’s The Times They Are A Changin’, which makes a nice change for a new artist to be covering a classic old song rather than the current trend to cover something from just a few months ago. 

We’ll Be Ghosts is released on iTunes on the 29th September, but you can pre-order now. Listen to the way her voice soars as the song progresses and imagine it silencing rooms. 

Brooke Bentham - We'll Be Ghosts

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