Thursday 4 September 2014

Huntar - All That I Want

Who is Huntar and why is he hiding his identity? We'd like to know. 

Here's some possible reasons:

1. He’s ‘letting the music do the talking.’ (Yawn) In which case why not tell us his real name and then just get on with the music? Maybe because if he did Google might tell us more.

2. He’s already had some sort of fledgling musical career as an Ed Sheeran / Lewis Watson styled troubadour but decided to try something different and felt it should go under a different name.

3. He’s actually an escaped convict and is having to hide his identity so the police can’t catch him.

4. His real name is Algenon Picklesthwaite, which really isn’t a very cool name for a budding electronic artist, the blogs really wouldn’t go for it would they?

5. He’s actually called Huntar and isn’t hiding it at all. His parents really wanted him to appear in a dystopian sci-fi film like Hunger Games or Divergent and thought the name might help.

Anyway our money is on number 2, (although wouldn’t it be great if he was really called Huntar?) but we guess for now we’ll have to continue with the ‘it’s all about the music’ route until someone official says who he is. Thankfully in this case the music is good, with Huntar bringing animated passionate lyrics about ‘screaming for more’ and being ‘close and your body is on fire’ against a sultry and atmospheric production (think Sohn as a vague reference point). Basically this is come to bed music and we can imagine Algenon or whatever his name is getting quite a few results with this one.

Huntar - All That I Want

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