Tuesday 2 September 2014

Salt Ashes - If You Let Me Go

In amongst the hundreds of new music submission emails we get weekly there will occasionally be one from somebody who has stumbled across Breaking More Waves having found an old post about an artist that name checks songs (often demos) that are no longer available on line, asking if we have copies of these songs to share. We still get a lot of requests for people asking for Marina & The Diamonds’ Mermaid vs Sailor demo EP which we mentioned in 2008, Neon Fashion and Glowstix and Do It Well by Charli XCX which we mentioned here and more recently we've had a small number of requests for Salt Ashes early songs such as Love In The Echo and Edge Of The Heart which we streamed in 2011 when we introduced her to blog readers (here). The answer to all these enquiries is a big fat no.

But the fact that people are asking about the Salt Ashes songs demonstrates one thing; that she’s developing a small but determined group of fans. 

Yesterday those fans had something new to cheer as Salt Ashes released a new tune. Well, sort of new, it first surfaced in an earlier form in 2013 – you’ll have to email the blogs that featured it to see if they have a copy if you want to hear it, but we expect you’ll get the same answer as the one we give.

So to the new song. It's called If You Let Me Go

“You don’t need to rescue me, rescue me, if you let me go,” Salt Ashes shrieks over a tough disco pop groove that threatens to make you lose your inhibitions on the dance floor, taking reference from early Madonna and Nottingham based singer / producer /sometime DJ Ronika. It’s another piece of classy pop from the Brighton singer that will have you thrusting your hips as if you were the hottest thing in ‘da club’. Which you’re probably not. But then pop music is all about fantasy so if you think you are when listening to this, the song has done its job.

Salt Ashes - If You Let Me Go

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