Thursday 25 September 2014

Dotter - New Waves

We’re big fans of what you might call ‘classic pop’ at Breaking More Waves. We’re not even quite sure what that term really means, but suspect it includes something that references the pop hits of the past whilst still sounding modern enough to not be dated. It almost certainly has a strong sense of melody and some earworming type hooks.

Sweden’s Dotter with her first offering at least, seems to be making classic pop. My Flower, a track from her debut EP I Am Dotter has some Lana Del Rey like strings at the start, some 60’s styled instrumentation and a chorus that soars with its relationship hunger: “I need somebody to love, somebody who cares about me.” Bless her. It also has a promo pic of her holding a flower, just so we get the whole My Flower idea rammed home. 

She’s also had a go at Hideaway by Kiesza (here) but we’d recommend just listening to My Flower on repeat rather than the cover. It is in many ways the very opposite of the band Daughter ( Dotter being Swedish for daughter you see) as sonically the instrumentation is of the 'glad to be alive' variety rather than the morose beauty that Elena Tonra and co specialise in.

Dotter - My Flower

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