Monday, 26 August 2013

Moonrags - New Waves

We’re not sure if Moonrags are a London based two piece or even a three piece. In fact they’re not even sure themselves, their Facebook stating that they consist of Cari, Geoff and sometimes Scott. Imagine if The Beatles had described themselves as John, Paul, George and sometimes Ringo. That just wouldn’t do would it? Anyway, for now let’s call them a two and a half piece. That covers all bases.

Irrespective of personnel numbers, it’s the music that’s good; a vaguely jazzy, relaxed blend of electronics, acoustic guitar, trumpet and beats topped off with Cari’s rather delectable voice that has a vaguely nasal but soulful tone; a little like Gabrielle (remember Dreams?) for a new generation. Logic / Love is the track that’s grabbed our attention with its burbling bass line and repeated vocal refrain, perfect for late summer listening. There’s a couple of other tracks (Games and Down Days) on their Soundcloud as well; live dates are to follow soon.

Moonrags - Logic / Love

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