Friday, 2 August 2013

A Holiday Postcard From Breaking More Waves

Dear Breaking More Waves Blog Reader,

This is an internet postcard because we’re on our summer holiday as of today. First of all we’re at Lulworth, Dorset, UK for the fun and family friendly festival frolics of Camp Bestival (in fact we've been there since yesterday evening), then we're flying north to spend 6 days in Helsinki, Finland which will include the incredible Flow Festival before we return to the UK for just a few hours. Then we fly off for a week and a half away removed from all music in southern Spain. We hope to get back from Spain in time for the second day of the Victorious Festival in our home city of Portsmouth which we previewed yesterday.

There will be very little content on the blog over the next few weeks, although keep an eye out for reviews of all three musical events that form part of our holiday journey.

Normal near daily new music blog posts will recommence properly towards the end of August, probably around the 28th.

In the meantime why not follow us on our twitter as we’ll still be occasionally tweeting from there and also take a listen to this new track by indie pups Blaenavon, who yesterday revealed their new song Prague, forthcoming from the Koso EP via Transgressive soon. With guitars that noodle around a bit before attempting to shred your ears forcefully it's good stuff.

Back soon (ish)

Breaking More Waves

Blaenavon - Prague


Livingmusic said...

Any chance you'll be making it to a Romanian Music Festival?

Livingmusic said...

Such an amazing city. Could never get enough of it.