Friday, 30 August 2013

Misty Miller - Taxicab

Trashy, dirty, spunky, underground rock n roll; yes it’s time for another appearance on Breaking More Waves from Misty Miller who gives us another slice of bluesy guitar riffage with new track Taxicab. With hints of early Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and PJ Harvey all present and correct Misty romps her way through a song about the journey home in the back seat all alone after “the worst night she’s ever had, baby’s crying.”

Now what was all that stuff about guitar music coming back earlier this year? Well the UK top 40 singles chart may not be stuffed with it (in fact you have to look very hard to find any at all) but for those happy to peer further outside, there’s still plenty of plucky kids like Misty thrashing away with real zest.

Misty Miller will be playing some live dates supporting Eels in September in Glasgow, Newcastle, Leicester and London followed by a trip down to Breaking More Waves hometown in Portsmouth for Southsea Fest.

Misty Miller - Taxicab

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Unknown said...

Here I thought this blog is about literal taxicabs. However the album cover and the genre caught my interest. Good luck with your song Misty!

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