Saturday, 29 August 2009

Little Boots - In Candlelight

It seems that we are becoming obsessed with the performance of Little Boots. This is how it must feel to work for a major label, becoming more concerned with chart positions and sales figures than the artistic merit of a particular song. Slowly slowly Victoria Hesketh climbs the UK charts with Remedy. Up to a very respectable number six now and the album back into the top thirty, the song is showing that unlike New In Town it gives some legs to those Little Boots. Cynics will say that with the weight of the label behind her the marketing men have gone to work and pushed Remedy hard, and that the public will buy whatever over exposed tosh is served up to them. However we trust the public more than that; look at X factor acts such as Eoghan Quigg, Brookstein and the fat one that sounded like a 1970's World Of Sport wrestler. Their lack of commercial success beyond the first single shows that the public can be brainwashed for a short time, but soon come to their senses. We’re very much hoping that the public keep Little Boots on the radio and in our ears.

The reason for this post ? Phew, we almost forgot. Here’s a different version of Remedy by candlelight which Little Boots recently performed at the Bathhouse in London. It firmly places her in the acoustic Kylie mode, with the first couple of notes bearing a striking resemblance to Foundations by Kate Nash. Lovely.

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