Monday, 10 August 2009

Bloc Party - One More Chance

Today Bloc Party release a new one off single One More Chance. Following on from the Intimacy album it seems like the band are defiantly trying to steer away from being labelled as an indie post punk guitar band and have veered in a very different direction, creating what is effectively a simple Italian house piano track similar to something you may have heard circa 1989-1991 on the Deconstruction label. Has Kele been listening to Black Box and their album Dreamland perhaps ? One More Chance rather sounds like an old Bloc Party song that has been given the remix treatment, except the band have forgotten to release the original song as well.

No doubt the track will divide fans, and purist indie guitar lovers will probably loathe it with a passion. At the rate Bloc Party are going, this year will be their last Reading Festival and next year they’ll be playing Creamfields instead. Some will say that the band aren't being true to their roots, but aren't a group of individuals allowed to have more musical taste than just one genre or style ? For the record, despite the songs throwaway simplicity we like it, not just because the band are progressing and taking risks by possibly alienating much of their existing fan base but because it’s an ass shaking, punching the air, confident disco stormer. Get ready for the weekend.....

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Anonymous said...

This is awful handbag house. Worst Bloc Party song ever.