Thursday 3 July 2014

Zola Blood - New Waves

Alas Zola Blood is not some weird side project between Zola Jesus and Royal Blood (although that would be interesting) but instead the work of……

Ah hold on. It’s another one of those ‘mysterious’ and ‘intrigue’ acts that (as we’ve argued before) are pretty damn boring when it comes to being a fan, because ultimately fandom is about a lot more than just the music. It’s why fans buy t-shirts from the band, dress like their idols and like to know as much as they can possibly find out about the artist. Of course we’re not advocating that artists should give every ounce of their soul away  but to build a long lasting relationship you need more than just a good song. Rant over.

Of course Zola Blood could really be called Zola Blood. It might not be a ‘project’ at all. After all we’ve already had Zola Budd, the South African barefoot athlete who gained British citizenship and competed in the 1984 Olympic games where she famously collided with other pre-race favourite Mary Decker-Slaney (see at the five minute point here if you have no idea what we're talking about)

But enough of this Zola related waffle. For now you’ll just have to accept that nobody really knows anything about Zola Blood (even the promo pic reveals zilch) but at least you’ve enjoyed some sporting history.

The debut song is called Grace and it’s a piece of squelchy pop with a vocal that sounds vaguely familiar (we blame Active Child and Bon Iver for getting all these men singing as if someone had their balls in a vice), and reminds us a little of bands like Seasfire and Worship who we blogged in the past, but with less guitars and more electronics. However, to get to the crux of it, irrespective of who Zola Blood is Grace is a magnificent debut track, the sort of music we’d imagine they play on the moon. Now all we need is more....both songs and information.

Zola Blood - Grace

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