Wednesday 23 July 2014

Charli XCX - Boom Clap (Elk Road Remix)

It’s about bloody time isn’t it?

This week Charli XCX is going to have her first proper solo UK chart hit. We say ‘proper’ because the collaborations and the Icona Pop number 1 weren’t Charli in her own right.

We’ve got to say we’re very pleased about this. For 4 reasons.

1. Because the chart needs stars and performers like Charli XCX. Stars that have fire in their bellies.

2. Because it half fulfills point number 11 of this wish list for 2014 that we published on January 1st. Now what we really need to complete the pop dream is points 19 and 20 to happen before the year is out.

3. Because we can go ‘told you so’, having first featured Charli back in 2009 and having blogged her journey up the pop mountain ever since. Doesn't she look different now? (See here)

4. Boom Clap is a very good pop song and deserves to be a hit. It's far better than that Cheryl Cole tune that sounds like a half arsed demo which will probably be number 1 on Sunday (Ok that sax bit is alright we’ll admit)

So let's celebrate. Charli XCX is currently number 3 in the mid-week UK singles chart. This is bloody brilliant. 

Now all we need is a proper UK tour. We believe this is going to happen. Until then, here’s one of the remixes of Boom Clap. Most of them are pretty atrocious but this one’s OK.

Charli XCX - Boom Clap (Elk Road Remix)

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