Tuesday 8 July 2014

Jude - Crystals (Video)

3rd time up for Florida two piece Jude on Breaking More Waves and this time it’s the new video for a song we’ve already streamed, albeit back in April of this year. However, the video (or as the title on You Tube states, a visualette) gives us another reminder that Crystals is

1. A very good pop song

2. A very good pop song

3. A very good pop song

We hope you understand where we’re coming from with this.

In fact two and a half months on from when we first heard Crystals the tune has, like a good wine, improved even further, showing that not all pop is here today gone tomorrow. The video / visualette like the tune keeps things simple, showing black and white footage of the duo hanging out by the sea and Sydney doing some prime head swaying whilst singing. We reckon if we were in Florida we'd want to hang out with these guys - they ooze a certain nonchalant coolness don't you think? 

Let’s just remind ourselves again, it's something about Crystals being a very good pop song. OK? That's right. A very good pop song.

Jude - Crystals (Video)

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