Friday 4 July 2014

Grimes - Go featuring Blood Diamonds

With a new generation that has been raised in a culture based on everything being instantly available and instantly disposable, a week is a long time in pop music. 

That’s (roughly) how long the new Grimes single Go ft Blood Diamonds has been around for and we can pretty much guarantee that some of you who were raving about it the day it was released have already moved on to your next musical f*ck buddy of a pop song never to play this again. If you’re that kind of person, we have a suggestion for you today. Rather like Monopoly do not pass Go. Play Grimes again, get trapped in it, because it deserves more than a one night stand.

Grimes - Go featuring Blood Diamonds


Anonymous said...

a shitty song is a shitty song. stop trying to promote shit. stop posting whatever pops in your inbox because that's pretty much what you are doing on this blog. have some taste for god's sake. you make people believe music is plain mediocre these days. if you dig deeper and drag your real favorites that's when you have served your purpose. you do a lot of posts. and everyone is BRILLIANT! please don't do this. i have been following your blog for years and you have readers. but you can do much better.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thanks ‘anon’ for your comment.

“Stop posting whatever pops in your in box.”

Actually this Grimes track didn’t pop in our inbox at all.

“Have some taste for god’s sake.”

We have taste. That’s exactly why we posted the track. It’s obviously just different to yours.

“If you dig deeper and drag your real favourites, that’s when you’ve served your purpose.”

Er…actually Grimes is one of our real favourites. That’s why we posted about her. If you look back at the blogs past you’ll see her last album was one of our favourites of the year – so as a fan we’re very likely to post her new material. Not everything has to come from the deepest corners of the internet – we post what we like, irrespective of where it comes from.

“You do a lot of posts and everyone is BRILLIANT.”

Yes that’s right. There’s a lot of new music out there, but we just post (some) of the stuff that excites us.

“You can do much better.”

No we can’t.

Anonymous said...

I'd wank to this.