Monday 14 July 2014

Jagaara - New Waves

Are three singing sisters a thing now? After all, we’ve had The Staves, Haim and now we have Jagaara

Formerly known as The Edmonsons, this London based sibling trio uploaded two demos to Soundcloud just a few days ago which have got us all a jitter. Yes we repeat, these are demos, or so the band has stated, even though sound like the real and fully formed deal. OK, there’s a bit of hiss on the recordings, so maybe that needs to be cleaned up, but other than that these are pretty much perfect. 

Have a listen to Faultline below and you’ll see what we mean. There’s a touch of the London Grammar’s about the songs construction, which rises from a soft comfort blanket start into a guitars going for the stars climax. And the vocals? Yes, there’s a hint of a chilled out Haim about them. In fact if we were going to suggest to Haim what to do with a second album (feel free to ask girls) we’d advise something exactly like these Jagaara tunes.

The other demo is equally impressive; a soulful and old fashioned sounding ballad called In The Night, (hear it by clicking here - sadly it's not a cover of the classic Pet Shop Boys tune).  Fans of the likes of Fleetwood Mac and the much blogged (by us) band The Night VI will probably find lots to like about this song, which is a bit weird when it's called In The Night.

Jagaara are Jane, Ruth and Cat. They’ve already supported the likes of Emily & The Woods, Josh Record and Jack Garratt and have also been booked to play next weekend’s Latitude Festival on Friday 18th on the small Alcove stage. If we were going they’d be one of our must see acts. If you are, make them one of your's.

So there you have it. We can confirm that three singing sisters are now a thing.

Jagaara - Faultline

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