Friday 25 July 2014

Georgia Mason - New Waves

Here’s a mystery. Sometimes we come across new artists or music away from the internet, or read or hear about a musician that we think may interest us, but we don’t have time to investigate that day. So we metaphorically throw them in the modern equivalent of a filing cabinet (the notes page on our phone) and investigate at a later date.

One name that has been sitting there for a while now with a question mark against it is Georgia Mason. The mystery is we have no idea how it got there. If you told us about her let us know please.We’re glad it made it, because Georgia Mason is very good indeed. Her voice is both gritty and delicate, carrying the unique colour of youth with it, but if we were pushed for comparisons we’d go for Duffy (remember her?) Rosie Oddie (and anyone remember her?) plus Berkshire’s Haze. 

It’s not just about the voice though, she’s got the songs as well. The three tracks on her Soundcloud are all top notch. The lead track from her debut EP Running Blind is a timeless string and piano based piece of pop, Reach Out is a soulful jazzy effort once coated with an additional layer of smooth orchestration, whilst No No No is classic retro pop. 

A bit of digging tells us that she’s already come to the attention of Jimmy Hogarth, the producer and songwriter who has worked with the likes of Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini, Ren Harvieu and guess who….Duffy. Let’s just hope that Georgia doesn’t decide to go for a bike ride for a bottle of coke and then ditch her management team if she has some success. 

Her video for the song Running Blind features a couple of semi naked blue people (not Smurfs) and Georgia looking very happy just to be singing. You can watch it by clicking here. She’s also recently uploaded a cover version of Hozier’s Sedated which shows off the rarity of her voice even more so than the polished pop tunes and to give contrast to Running Blind we're featuring that below as well.

Of course whether the world wants another singer of Georgia’s nature is up for debate (after all we can’t think of anyone who is less fashionable than Duffy right now) but that’s for you to decide. What we know, without question, is Georgia’s voice and songs grab us completely, irrespective of if her sound is cool / very ‘now’ / zeitgeist / buzzy or not.

Georgia Mason - Running Blind

Georgia Mason - Sedated (Video)

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