Wednesday 16 July 2014

Lykke Li - Gunshot (Video)

What do you think a night out with your favourite pop star would be like? 

Imagine if your favourite pop star was Lykke Li. We can’t believe it would be a particular barrel of laughs. After all this is a lady who sings of ‘longing for your poison like a cancer for its prey.’ You’d probably end up in some downtown bar downing double vodkas and comparing how much pain of the heart you were both suffering from your latest break ups. Lykke Li would of course hurt more than you and by the end of the night she’d have probably written a song about it.

So here’s a new video for Gunshot, a song we posted back in April, and one of our favourites from her rather excellent power ballad laden third LP I Never Learn

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that it features some booty shaking, men on exercise bikes and motorbike wheelies, but don’t worry, this is a Lykke Li piece so it’s still odd, disturbing and more than just a little bit screwy as well.

Lykke Li - Gunshot (Video)

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