Wednesday 9 July 2014

We Are The Brave - New Waves

We Are The Brave are the Australian Haim only without the sisters and bass faces. Or maybe they’re the new Bat For Lashes without the naked album cover and enigmatic grandeur. Or maybe they’re just themselves, that is Jess Chalker and Ox Why, an unsigned duo who have in the song Your Ghost a pop tune of some sophistication that sounds a bit like Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush reimagined for the disco, albeit a rather mellow and fog filled one. It could easily be the soundtrack to one of those rubbish 80’s coming of age movies with big perms and bad fashion. If it had been released it 1985 it would have undoubtedly been a big FM smash.

It isn’t the band’s first song though, there’s a small back catalogue of songs to be devoured on their Soundcloud including the chugging soft focus pop of Sparrow complete with pole dancing video (below) that apes the likes of Ladyhawke and Pat Benatar in its sound. However it’s Your Ghost that we find ourselves returning to the most and although we’ve suggested if it had been released in 1985 it would have been a hit, we certainly wouldn’t object if we heard this blasting out of our radio in 2014.

We Are The Brave - Your Ghost

We Are The Brave - Sparrow (Video)

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