Tuesday, 5 January 2010

We Are The World - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Forget about reading this text. Just go straight to the video below and press play. Then if you like what you see and hear come back to learn more.

The music you have just heard was created by We Are The World. Hailing from Los Angeles these artists are as far as we are aware nothing to do with the travesty that was the U.S follow up to Band Aid and Do They Know It’s Christmas. Instead this four piece are as much a dance outfit as a traditional group, bringing mechanistic masked concepts, tribal heaviness and undiluted energy to the stage. The closest we can think of is a Fever Ray live show. It’s brutal, disturbing, exciting and very rewarding. So much so that they were recently invited to support another exciting live act -The Gossip - stateside. We reckon they would have easily given Beth Ditto a run for her money. Apparently the groups stage design is created by the same people who did Daft Punks pyramid. That on its own is surely enough of a recommendation. Another fact, and a bizarre one at that is that one of their number is called Robbie Williams. But not that Robbie Williams. Take That, UFO’s, and Let Me Entertain You are not words that mean anything here, although We Are The World are incredibly entertaining as a visual spectacle.

Clay Stones is the groups debut single in the UK. A pounding piece of art techno it thumps hard at the skull like the ultimate fuck music. Dark, heavy and pagan, it is a scintillating piece of minimalism. If you still haven’t pressed play, we recommend you do so now. Other tracks that the band have created are just as good. From the scattergun electronica and heavy bass of Fight Song to the slightly scary nightmarish Piggy Bastard, which creeps and crawls through smoky ghostly computerisation. We Are The World may not have featured in any of this years UK ones to watch lists. But we recommend that you do just that, especially if like us you are UK locked down and We Are The World ever make it over to our fair European isle to perform.

We Are The World release Clay Stones through IAmSound records on the 17th January 2009 in the UK. We’ll be first in the queue. See you there.

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