Thursday, 14 January 2010

Chew Lips - Play Together

Here’s a strange fact. When recently viewing the latest single by Chew Lips - Play Together - on You Tube, our laptop suggested that The Climb by Joe McElderry was the most related video. This goes to show that you simply cannot believe everything you read on the internet, unless of course you happen to equally love Chew Lips and the Cowell puppet, in which case we congratulate you for your somewhat eclectic, although not necessarily consistently good taste.

The new single from the south London electro bleep pop trio (that’s Chew Lips, not Joe McElderry, just in case we confused you there) is released on the 18th January and sees Tigs and the boys contorting themselves around some more playful and deeply danceable technological grooves. Play Together has a vocal melody which is more half full than half empty and sets the stall for the bands forthcoming album Unicorn. Comparisons with acts such as La Roux and Crystal Castles will inevitably continue, but Tigs brings a stronger almost soulful Karen-O like vocal to the track rather than any high pitched shriek.

Last time we featured Chew Lips in July 2009 the disco jury was still out, and it seems that the case is a complex one for we are still sitting on the fence. Some would say that Chew Lips are very contemporary, others could twist the same word to suggest that they were very derivative of the whole synth pop explosion. Play Together works on the dance floor, but it isn’t the heavyweight digital pop beast that we would love it to be. Still, it’s better than the Cowell puppet, even if his video has had thirty times as many views as Chew Lips have.

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