Monday 29 November 2021

Ones to Watch 2022 #7 - Hope Tala


First appeared on Breaking More Waves: N/A 

The seventh artist on the Breaking More Waves Ones to Watch 2022 list is Hope Tala. A Londoner and ex English Literature student who mixes R&B with bossa nova sounds. This artist almost appeared on last year’s Ones to Watch list after the release of her track All My Girls Like To Fight from her Girl Eats Sun EP (which incidentally made Barack Obama’s favourite music of 2020 list). It took minimalist string sounds, acoustic guitars and clicky beats to create a song that sounded like washed up beauty on a paradise island.

However since that EP, Hope Tala kept the first few months of 2021 pretty quiet when it came to new releases. She returned in June 2021 with Mad – a track that cemented her style; like Astrud Gilberto recast for the 2020’s. It’s easy to understand when listening to this tune why when searching on Google, one of the most asked questions about Hope is ‘Is Hope Tala Brazilian?’

Recently Hope has released a new song Tiptoeing, which adds a hint of Lilly Allen / Kate Nash to her signature sound, all suggesting that if an album comes in 2022 it could be a very pleasurable ear-kiss.

Hope Tala - Tiptoeing

Hope Tala - Mad (Video)

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