Sunday 3 May 2020

Moyka - Backwards

Over the years I’ve decided that I seem to have some sort of music magnet in my body, because quite often when I’m at a gig I’ll look across and standing next to me is a musician or pop star. Or at least someone who I think is one. It can be pretty awkward /weird Googling the name of someone who you think is standing next to you just to check that they are who think you are.

Of course I could just turn round and just say “Excuse me, are you Emili Sande?” but then if they confirm they are it is probably even weirder to thank them and then say nothing else. Because there’s nothing I really want to say to Emili Sande. I could ask her if she is having a nice time, but the chances are she isn't because some random bloke is interrupting her evening, or perhaps I could ask her what she thinks of the gig, but as she's probably here watching a friend the answer doesn't really count. Or I could tell her that I saw her live once at a festival and thought it was a bit boring, but frankly why would she care about what I think? Of course there's always the very British option of asking her about the weather, but that just seems lame. So instead Google is my friend rather than Emili and yes in case you are asking she was one of the popstars who stood next to me at a gig. At this stage I think it's important to note that it was only for the support band and then she left.

Another more recent music magnet occurrence is Norwegian pop person Moyka, who I’m 99% sure stood next to me at an Iris gig in Camden. (Google wasn't involved this time). To be fair to Moyka she stayed for the whole show and danced with the rest of the audience. (I am assuming it was her of course). I probably would have spoken to Moyka as I was very certain it was her to tell her that I enjoyed her show I saw in London at the Courtyard, but the music had already started by the time I realised and I didn’t want to be THAT annoying person chatting during a show.

Maybe of course I don’t have a pop star magnet at all and perhaps the reality is that a lot of the smaller gigs I go to are often attended by musicians friends, who are often musicians themselves, so the chances of one of them standing next to me are actually pretty high.

Which brings me onto Moyka's new single. 

Moyka is very good. Popjustice website recently said: “The best popstar is currently Moyka and that's that.” Popjustice is probably right. She certainly deserves a place on your best new pop persons playlist.

So let's look at the evidence. Colder was a proper Sigrid meets Robyn icy pop banger. Ride was at least eight of ten mood pop. Then recently Spaces took on Aurora at her own game and got a high score draw. Now we have Backwards. Moyka has said that she wrote it ‘to move on from heartbreak and sorrow’ and certainly I’m sure nobody would want Moyka to be lingering on that. Backwards is more quality hands in the air pop tuneage and is 100% dancefloor ready. Case concluded. Put her on your playlist.

Moyka - Backwards

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