Saturday 16 May 2020

Introducing: Skullcrusher

It’s time to leave your preconceived ideas at the door. Skullcrusher, despite the name and the gothic looking typeface that brands her images, is not some sort of doom metal band. It is in fact the musical project of L.A based singer-songwriter Helen Ballentine and I’m totally smitten with her debut song Places/ Plans. 

Written whilst she was unemployed Places / Plans sounds perfect for these times of closedown and quarantine. Formed on a gentle measured cotton-wool canvas of acoustic strums it’s a song to float away to: “Could we? The window’s open and I’m lying alone. We’ll see. ‘Cos I don’t have any plans for tomorrow,” she sings, adding ethereal colour through soft keyboard hues. Places / Plans sounds beautifully lazy – a Sunday morning on the bed in Spring. It’s a whisper rather than the bludgeoning blow the name Skullcrusher suggests, but is has just as much impact.

A debut EP is on its way in June.

Skullcrusher - Places / Plans

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