Sunday 17 May 2020

Introducing: Hourglvss

Today’s new band are the creators of impressively phantasmagoric pop music that dances from technicolour disco to moody alt-pop in just a blink.

Their name is Hourglvss and yes, they are another band from the school of bad spelling. But don’t let this put you off. 

This Brighton duo that consist of Katie Benbow and Sophie May Williams know a thing or two about making music for the brain that also pumps and grinds your hips on the dancefloor.

Having met through a mutual friend these two agents of pop quickly found a shared love of music, art and fashion - Sophie had unknowingly already been a customer on Katie’s online vintage clothes shop. 

Soon Hourglvss was formed and they worked with Bat For Lashes collaborator Ben Christophers before releasing two singles in 2019. The dark alt-pop Johnny which cast them as the British counterpart to Lykke Li and the quirky and exotic dub-Western of Dead Man’s Hand which received support from Radio1’s Jack Saunders, BBC Introducing and Radio X. 

Since that time Hourglvss has been laying low but last Friday saw some new material – and it’s a glitterball and rainbows banger. There’s what sounds like a deliberate and definite reference to Aneka’s Japanese Boy (look it up if you don't know it - you've missed a mini-classic), plus I hear hints of Abba, International Teachers of Pop, Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp. Think dancing forever in 70’s and 80’s discos amongst all the sweat and sequins. It’s a song of non-stop highs and freedom. “Feed me, read me, tease me, see me now,” Hourglvss sing and in my head I can see Nile Rodgers and John Travolta nodding appreciatively. Supreme Beings? Supreme pop music more like.

Hourglvss - Supreme Beings

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