Friday 1 May 2020

Introducing: Molly Payton

Acoustic singer songwriters may be ubiquitous, but this new one hailing from New Zealand and now based in the UK is a far superior talent than the norm.

“Just comforting no-frills singer songwriter kinda stuff,” is how Molly Payton describes her debut EP Mess, but really Molly is doing both the tunes and her voice a monumental disservice.

Corduroy, my personal favourite is stunning. Against a backdrop of gentle strummed guitars and soft piano Molly displays an unhurried charm, remembering the first time she met someone: “Smoked drinked and danced to Bennie and the Jets and you asked me baby are you in love yet?”  There's a wide screen spaciousness within this simplicity. Her rich voice flourishes against such a backdrop.

Elsewhere on 1972 she sounds a little like Florence and the Machine stepping out of a relaxing weekend at a health spa as she chants 'woah oh oh' but the biggest similarity vocally is that Molly resembles a folkier version of Marina & The Diamonds. It’s a song that if she had been around a few years ago would have been all over the radio. However, now she sounds gloriously out of fashion and is all the better for it.

Molly has already suggested that  asecond EP is in the works and it will be somewhat heavier than Mess, so it will be interesting to see how things develop, but for now just enjoy these gorgeous pure songs.

Molly Payton - Corduroy

Molly Payton - 1972

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