Wednesday 27 May 2020

Celeste - I Can See The Change

Remember when Celeste topped the BBC Sound of 2020? It seems such a long time ago and yet somehow also seems like just yesterday doesn't it? Since then the world has gone pretty mad hasn’t it?

Now here she is again with her new single I Can See The Change and yet despite the title and lyrics of this song, because of its timeless sound, it gives us all some sort of stability. 

Produced by Billie Eilish’s brother Finneas, he says of the track: “I saw Celeste perform at the Brits back in February and was blown away. She commanded the stage in a way that was simultaneously intimate and massive and I immediately went home and downloaded her entire catalogue. When I was approached about producing I Can See The Change, I was thrilled.  I have been lucky to produce songs for a few artists who I think will never go out or style and Celeste is certainly on that list.”

Celeste - I Can See The Change

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