Saturday 16 May 2020

Maude Latour - Furniture

Maude Latour first showed up a couple of times in the Summer of 2019 on Breaking More Waves; a university girl making unabashed pop music with a photo of her with a bath, which as regular readers will know is an important asset in pop music promotion. She followed this all up with an EP called Starsick, which was full of pop tunes that were way better than many others that get huge wads of cash thrown at them to make them successful.

Now Maude is back, keeping it homegrown again.

Furniture is a break-up pop song: “I mentioned that I hope we stay friends, but I regret what I said, because I heard what you told them; damn I really hate your guts!” Once again there’s a vague whiff of Lorde in the song (not that I’m implying that Lorde smells) combined with a bright bubblegum energy and the occasional fuzzy guitar. Maude's music makes breaking up sound like fun.

The video is a low budget affair, filmed entirely in her dorm with her friends just before lockdown / closedown / isolation / quarantine or whatever you wanted to call it - look out for the bottle of hand gel that accurately time stamps the piece. 

Maude Latour - Furniture

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