Monday 4 May 2020

Megan Lara May - Jungle

Here are a few important POP! Facts about Megan Lara Mae:

1. She has a new single out. It’s called Jungle.

2. Megan released Jungle on her birthday. Which was a nice present to all of us, even though for approximately 365/366ths of us it wasn’t our birthday. (No I haven't got the number wrong - it's a leap year, remember?) However, it was my birthday so I'm in the double lucky 1/366th. Happy belated birthday to Megan and myself. April 30th was a good day for births.

3. Megan played Dials festival in Southsea, Portsmouth (which I help book) last year. She opened one of our smaller stages – a step down from playing Glastonbury which she also performed at in 2020 perhaps? But she was mightily impressive and probably stayed a lot cleaner with our festival being in a city rather than a sunburnt field. Also she had a full band at Dials and was solo at Glastonbury so Dials wins. Bigger isn't always better.

4. Jungle features a very good “HEY!”. If you haven’t yet realised the prominence of HEY! In pop music I recommend you read this article (click here) courtesy of the Guardian which explores the HEY! list in probably more detail than anyone could feasibly imagine.

5. Jungle is a modern electronic pop tune that would sound even better falling out of the radio if only it was given the chance. The song is one of those ‘do your own thing / don’t follow the rules / you can be unconventional and it’s OK’ anthems of encouragement: As always with songs of this nature I think artists should add this caveat: “However if the little voice inside your head is contemplating murdering someone, it’s probably best to re-think your take on not following the rules.”

6. In summary Jungle is a cracking computerised pop tune but with plenty of human heart. But just don’t let any would-be murderers hear it.

Megan Lara Mae - Jungle

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