Tuesday 12 June 2018

New Music: Zuzu - All Good

Liverpool’s Zuzu seems to be making a once a year appearance on Breaking More Waves. Back in 2016 an introducing piece described her as a cross between Courtney Barnett and Black Honey, then in 2017 I wrote that What You Want was a rollickingly good indie rock song. In 2018 I stand by all those statements.

But there’s more this year. So far I’ve managed to catch Zuzu live at The Great Escape Festival in the rather odd environs of a white walled hotel function room that’s probably more used to hosting weddings and conferences than raucous chaotic guitar bands (it had the nicest toilets though – so that was a definite advantage). Then there was the class of her third release Beauty Queen which has been tickling the earlobes with its hook-a-plenty delight and the promise of a full EP to come. Elsewhere over the last few days there’s also been some social media footage of Zuzu chair-moshing at a Taylor Swift gig with the Breaking More Waves regular Lauran Hibberd (look out for new material from Lauran soon). I like it when our favourite indie singers become good friends.

From the forthcoming EP comes song 4 and it’s called All Good and it’s er……all good. After all what’s not to like about a trippy ballad (of sorts…) that mentions alien aunties and falling in love without drugs in virtually the same breath? It’s the song that adds a little more musical depth to Zuzu’s output, although to be honest I’d be just as happy with her cranking out some more haphazard trashy-speed-pop belters. Either way what’s clear is that Zuzu can write a song and then some. Now all we need is a physical release so that she can claim the prize of sitting right at the end of my music collection after the Zutons; and no, before you ask I don’t own any ZZ Top.

Zuzu - All Good

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