Wednesday 27 June 2018

New Music: Lizzo - Boys

The fact that Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known as Lizzo, hails from Minneapolis already draws some sort of connection to Prince, but with new track Boys that reference isn’t just in terms of geography. 

Earlier this year Janelle Monae got funked up with a track that heavily referenced the purple one and now Lizzo gets her freak on in a similar manner; this one is a cowbell and bass work out with some sharp and nifty guitar work to work up the sweat further.

“I like the pretty boys with the bow tie, get your nails did, let it blow dry, I like a big beard, I like a clean face, I don't discriminate, come and get a taste. From the playboys to the gay boys, go and slay boys, you my fave boys,” Lizzo raps, making me want to shake my tail feather and shout “you go girl,” which in certain circles might seem a bit wrong for a middle-aged man on the south coast of England who should probably be playing golf or doing some woodwork in his shed. But frankly, when there’s an anthem like this, why the f*ck would I want to be doing that? The best music is, after all, universal. Single of the week, if I did singles of the week. Which I don’t. But maybe just for this damn one?

Lizzo - Boys

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