Wednesday 27 June 2018

New Music: Introducing - Akine

Breaking More Waves might have been going for ten years now, but there’s still plenty of time for some new firsts. Today for example is the first time I’ve featured an artist from the Ukraine, although it does seem she has lots of UK connections. The artist's name is Akine and she’s the latest signing to Best Laid Plans, a record label that has already brought you the likes of Rag N Bone Man and Rationale. 

Akine currently has two tracks on line. Pray For The Prey is the more upbeat pop tune, but it comes with some depth, as despite the title it deals with Akine’s lack of belief in faith: “I don’t believe in god, nor his angels, nor his disciples, he’s a stranger, he’s subliminal, not my father, not my leader of all,” she sings with a strong willed voice. Later she adds: "And we pray and we pray and we pray, heart of this foolish masquerade." It’s a fine opening gambit that was recorded in Maida Vale with James Earp (Fickle Friends, Bipolar Sunshine, Lewis Capaldi), even if it did lead to her having to post on Facebook "Sorry to disappoint -I am not Satan, nor do I believe in the devil. Hope everyone is having a great day.""

The second song of Akine’s, which you can find on all the usual streaming services, continues the religious imagery. It's is a piano based cover of Devil Like Me, originally performed by Rainbow Kitten Surprise. It shows off her vocal warble to some effect and at some points there’s just a hint of the Adele’s with some of the piano chords.

Akine’s debut EP Don’t Foster Fear will be released in 2018 and here we have perhaps the glimmer of an exciting new talent who comes with something interesting to sing about and some bigger picture ideas than just the typical songs of falling in love and break-up and heartache.

Akine - Pray For The Prey

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