Thursday 28 June 2018

New Music: Laurel - Same Mistakes

Relationships. Love them or hate them we don’t seem to be able to do without them, do we? It seems that for most of us there’s seem deep seated need to be wanted in some way. On new single Same Mistakes Breaking More Waves regular Laurel sings of that desire. “I don't want you, but I still want you to love me,” she intones. Now if ever there was an anthem for ITV2’s Love Island contestants this could be it couldn’t it? 

Having moved away from her early pop incarnation Same Mistakes is one of two singles Laurel released yesterday (the other being Crave) and they showcase what we can expect from her debut album Dogviolet which is due towards the end of August. ‘Debut album’ still seems a somewhat strange thing to be stating considering that Laurel’s first material featured on this blog way back in 2012, but as I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, sometimes the most important ingredient to good art is time.

Of interest to some readers in relation to this track is the picture that accompanies it. Some of you may remember that I wrote extensively about how musicians seem to like to jump in the bath (either naked or clothed, with or without water being present) for a promotional opportunity. Since that time, I’ve realised that it’s not just the bath (although Laurel has previously joined the musicians in the bath club) but that musicians more generally enjoy having a bonkers photo taken of them. Sitting on a hedge, standing on the roof of a bus, laying on a tennis court, or in this case standing barefoot on a red blanket on a roof for no reason whatsoever seems to be the order of the day. No wonder us non-musicians sometimes think they’re all a bit crackers. But if that’s what it takes to help a good tune get heard, let’s not deny them the opportunity. Right?

Laurel - Same Mistakes

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