Friday 8 June 2018

New Music: Angus & Julia Stone - Nothing Else

I first came across Angus & Julia Stone way back in 2007 at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival (other highlights for me that year were Kate Nash, Foals, Kate Walsh and a singer called Adele….whatever happened to her?). Fast forward to 2018 and their latest release, Nothing Else, has all the qualities of their early songs that made me fall in love with them. Formed out of simplicity and meaning the song showcases Julia’s adorable vocal which manages to be both fragile, pretty and husky all at the same time.

The video of the song suits the music perfectly; using superb overlay techniques to create two different versions of Julia; it brings home a very clear message about finding acceptance of yourself, just the way you are but also provides a commentary on how relationships work - how there has to be tolerance and acceptance there as well.

This is probably my favourite Angus & Julia Stone Stone song for quite a few years. There’s something about its unruffled delivery and uncomplicated construction that brings out the goosebumps and perhaps even a tear to the eye.

Angus & Julia Stone - Nothing Else (Video)

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