Friday 22 June 2018

New Music: Déjà Vega - Eyes Of Steel

Well this is rather good isn’t it? Eyes of Steel takes elements of Krautrock, psychedelia, motoric beats, indie and atmospheric shoegaze and channels them all into something rather powerful.

Originally released a couple of months ago, today it may not be considered that new to some, but with just 12,000 listens on Spotify and a video that’s yet to reach 2,000 plays that means there’s still a whole world of indie rock fans to be turned on, tuned in and taken to oblivion with this track. Awash with trippy atmospherics, blasts of guitar power and shouts of “Novocaine. Novocaine. Works his magic just like Novocaine,” this is the moment where you need to bow down and let the Winsford three piece of Déjà Vega surge into your ears. 

Déjà Vega - Eyes Of Steel

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