Tuesday 5 June 2018

New Music: Iris Gold - Roll It Out

I’ve always been a fan of pop music with bells on. And by that, I mean both pop music that is delivered with enthusiasm, but also songs that actually have real life bell sounds. Iris Gold’s latest is an absolute belter and scores on both fronts. OK the bells are more bicycle tings that Big Ben bangers, but still they work.

Roll It Out is the sort of pop song that I hoped Charli XCX would have delivered recently but hasn’t - sorry Charli your latest offerings haven’t done anything for me. 

This jam is full of strutting energy and hooks and has the feel-good factor turned up to past 10 – something perhaps we all need now and then, particularly when a recent study by the University of California has found that pop music is getting sadder (read more about that on i-D by clicking here). This is a song about getting on with life; enjoy it if you can - because it doesn’t last forever.

Iris Gold - Roll It Out

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