Saturday 31 March 2018

New Music: Stereo Honey - What Makes A Man

Being the end of the month means that it’s time for the Breaking More Waves monthly Spotify playlist to be updated with the songs that I’ve posted here throughout March in one easy to stream collection. The updated playlist is up now, so if you don’t like words and just want the music you can listen by clicking (and perhaps following?) by using this link.

Having pulled all the tracks together it’s noticeable that the last month of posts has been dominated heavily by women’s voices. I’m not sure why I connect with more female singers than male ones; maybe it’s something to do with the fact that more women seem to be able to display vulnerability and emotion far more openly than men. Many of my favourite female artists, from Kate Bush to Bjork to more contemporary pop artists like Sigrid seem to be able to do this. Masculinity doesn’t particularly teach this.

However, today my final post of the month is an all-male act and yet somewhat ironically here we find Stereo Honey asking What Makes A Man and hinting at someone desperately trying to hold on to some idea of manhood. “Oh they moulded and they shaped you, till you forgot to dream, now the place you crawl for comfort, is a place you can’t reach.” It’s a soaring piece of wide screen non-lad indie pop that sounds and feels majestic. Listen to it and fly.

Stereo Honey - What Makes A Man

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