Thursday 1 March 2018

New Music: Jerry Williams - Grab Life (Video)

The new video from Jerry Williams for her splendid indie pop dazzler Grab Life now has a video. Hurrah!

The essence of the video is basically Jerry larking around in various seafront / watery locations with a guitar and whilst she’s at it throwing in a number of the things that make her a rather good indie-pop kid, namely:

1. Very cool trousers. I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes important points need making more than once. Jerry Williams knows a good trouser and the green ones in this video rank highly in the good trouser game.*

2. Wavey / pointy hands and arms. Jerry has become a true expert in pulling shapes and often likes to combine it with a good hair flick as well. This is all perfectly executed in this video.*

3. Good songs. That’s pretty important, right? Because it doesn’t matter how good your fashion tastes are and how nifty your moves are, if you haven’t got the tunes to back them up you’re going nowhere fast. Thankfully Grab Life is a tune and then some and combines with a whole bunch of positivity as well, which is probably why she’s not going nowhere but instead to SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to play a number of shows including ones for the BBC and Pledge Music.

Jerry Williams - Grab Life (Video)

*Footnote. There will probably be some readers who, if previous experience is anything to go by, will call me out on this post saying that points 1 and 2 are 'irrelevant shit'. Well two-fingers to you, because pop music and the culture surrounding it is about more than just music. It has always been about the clothes, the dancing, the haircuts and long may that continue. In fact maybe pop culture itself is quite possibly irrelevant shit.** But that shouldn't stop anyone talking about it.

**It's not but let's not go there. I could write a thesis on the importance of pop in life and how therefore it cannot be irrelevant. But thankfully for you I don't have the time.

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