Tuesday 6 March 2018

New Music: Yassassin - Mermaidistic Personality Disorder (Video)

On face value it could appear somewhat mystifying that I’ve never featured London based band Yassassin on the blog before, despite being a fan of their Vitamin Y EP and having enjoyed them when I saw them play live. But being a small scale sole author blog means that I can never feature all of the music I enjoy. 

However, today I’m making amends because the band released a new video for the wonderfully titled Mermaidistic Personality Disorder, my equal favourite track from the EP alongside Pretty Face and I've found the space and time to post it. A handclap-a-go-go riot of sinister guitar riffs, the tune flits and flirts with the ideas of reality and fantasy: “Outside you’ve got the seaside. Inside you’ve got a mermaid,” chants lead vocalist Anna Haara Kristoferson before some hooky ah-ah-ahs kick in. There’s a hint of a slightly more lo-fi Wolf Alice to the song, which is no bad thing, and the video has elements of The Twilight Zone and Stay Tuned to it, creating a tale of TV nightmares and popcorn.

What more could you possibly want? This is a bad-ass indie-rock tune.

Yassassin - Mermaidistic Personality Disorder (Video)

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